Melania who? Trump ignores First Lady Melania, again, in France

Donald Trump and First Lady Melania arrived in Paris today, for Trump’s Bastille Day visit. And, as usual, Melania was treated as an inconvenient afterthought.

In video from Trump’s initial greeting with French President Emaneul Macron and First Lady Brigitte, Melania is nowhere to be seen.

In fact, she was getting out of the other side of the car. And as is Trump’s custom, he totally ignored her, and started greeting everyone without her, while she made the lonely walk herself, the awkward third-wheel to Trump’s ego, and ultimately ended up standing behind her husband alone. It was finally left to the French President to welcome Melania to the group.

This is reminiscent of when Trump and Melania were arriving at the White House the first time, and Trump totally ignored her while greeting the Obamas. In the end, it was the Obamas who saved Melania.

The same thing happened on arriving in Europe, when Trump again totally blew off his wife.

Trump also made waves in France this morning by shaking and yanking the hand of French First Lady Brigitte Macron:



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